Elena nebesnova
About the author
Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. Edgar Degas
Like all creative people, I am very sensitive to beauty, I feel it physically… Watercolor painting for me is just a naive attempt to become a co-author of the Universe… Light always inspires… Its theater of shadows. Sun glares on all surfaces — from a banal blade of grass to the majesty of mountains… The sky, with its incomprehensible depth… Lovely scenes from country life, filled with warmth and comfort…
It is difficult to list everything that makes me freeze in quiet delight, but this is happiness — to share the inner Light, splashing it onto a sheet of paper… Watercolor is a moment created in the current space without the right to make a mistake. When water is both your ally and enemy, and you can use its power for good, if you do not go against it, but simply direct it in the right direction. Therefore, the most difficult thing for me is to stop at the right moment and at the same time — to use my chance …
This is the best opportunity to immerse yourself in a meditative trance, stroke by stroke, restoring balance, gaining harmony, to be structured along with crystals of pigment on cotton.

Being also inspired by poetic texts, I often illustrate poems that cause me an urgent need to live them in color.

The most amazing feeling for me is to realize that you chose my painting so that it would please you every God-given day!